Self-care for sensitive people – 10 steps to peace


Self Care for Sensitive People – This PDF guide is to help sensitives, empaths, Highly Sensitive People (HSPs), intuitives, healers and psychics navigate the rough and tumble of the modern world easily and happily. Sensitive people have a thin barrier between their core selves and the outside world. They experience…

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Solo witch solitary magic guide

Solo witch solitary magic guide-thumbnail

Solo witch solitary magic guide is my short compendium of 6 important areas to consider if you want to be a happy and fulfilled solitary witch. Whether in a city, town, village or tent, a solo/solitary witch is simply a woman who prefers to do her sacred work independently of…

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Protection for sensitive people – free guide


Protection for sensitive people is my guide for sensitives who want to protect their energy. It helps prevent burnout and compassion fatigue, and helps you stay balanced and happy in a world where therecan be lots of confusing atmospheres and energy exchanges. See my free guide: Self-care for sensitive people…

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