How to find my soul mate? What is a soul mate connection?

How to find my soul mate

How to find my soul mate? The soul mate connection was an issue I got asked about frequently over the seven years I worked as a professional psychic and healer in central London. The notion of having a ‘soul mate’ is certainly very romantic – the stuff of fairy tales.…

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Healing The Drama Triangle


The Drama Triangle theory is a fascinating insight into why we act the way we do with others. Psychiatrist and teacher of Transactional Analysis Stephen Karpman developed the fascinating idea of ‘The Drama Triangle’. The Drama Triangle is now known as one of the most common dysfunctional patterns of relating (to…

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Relationship cord cutting


Strong emotions between two people create relationship cords. Energetic bonds created in this way can be positive or negative. The feedback you get from your relationship cords might make you feel uplifted, depleted or even blocked. Relationship cords can exist even if  you are no longer physically or geographically close…

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