Clearing blocks + clearing limiting beliefs yourself


Clearing blocks + clearing limiting beliefs is a lifelong work in progress as far as I’m concerned. I’ve been actively  exploring methods of clearing blocks + clearing limiting beliefs for at least eight years, both working on myself and helping private clients. I am still constantly honing my skills, but…

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Heal a broken heart – How to Guide + Meditation

heal a broken heart how to have self-care

Heal a broken heart – How to |  A spiritual guide to recovering from broken heart by Amy Garner. Writing this blog post on how to heal a broken heart put me in touch with the painful emotions related to moving on when we don’t want to. Essentially, when we…

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Meditation for Healing and Transformation


** This 2015 self healing meditation challenge is now finished but you can still purchase all the meditations and learn the techniques from my Self Healing Shop. Enjoy! ** Are you ready to feel more peace of mind, more energy, more well-being, more meaning, more self acceptance, more happiness and…

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Relationship cord cutting


Strong emotions between two people create relationship cords. Energetic bonds created in this way can be positive or negative. The feedback you get from your relationship cords might make you feel uplifted, depleted or even blocked. Relationship cords can exist even if  you are no longer physically or geographically close…

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