Heal a broken heart – How to Guide + Meditation

heal a broken heart how to have self-care

Heal a broken heart – How to |  A spiritual guide to recovering from broken heart by Amy Garner. Writing this blog post on how to heal a broken heart put me in touch with the painful emotions related to moving on when we don’t want to. Essentially, when we…

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Solo witch solitary magic guide

Solo witch solitary magic guide-thumbnail

Solo witch solitary magic guide is my short compendium of 6 important areas to consider if you want to be a happy and fulfilled solitary witch. Whether in a city, town, village or tent, a solo/solitary witch is simply a woman who prefers to do her sacred work independently of…

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My 10 favourite spiritual books


My 10 favourite spiritual books: Here’s my list of stand-out books that symbolise important turning points in my life. These 10 favourite spiritual books appeared with incredible timing; just when I needed them most. It’s difficult to isolate only 10 favourite spiritual books because there has been so many. There’s…

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How to find my soul mate? What is a soul mate connection?

How to find my soul mate

How to find my soul mate? The soul mate connection was an issue I got asked about frequently over the seven years I worked as a professional psychic and healer in central London. The notion of having a ‘soul mate’ is certainly very romantic – the stuff of fairy tales.…

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