Self-care for sensitive people – 10 steps to peace


Self Care for Sensitive People – This PDF guide is to help sensitives, empaths, Highly Sensitive People (HSPs), intuitives, healers and psychics navigate the rough and tumble of the modern world easily and happily. Sensitive people have a thin barrier between their core selves and the outside world. They experience…

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Manifest your dreams 3 hour plan


Manifest your dreams three hour plan – I created this plan to help me create a happier lifestyle after leaving London in 2016. It consists of three parts, delivered by email over 3 hours. Part 1: Releasing the previous twelve months + dreaming big for the year ahead, with a…

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Best creative self-care techniques


These 5 best creative self-care techniques will help you take control of your healing and happiness. You have a responsibility to love the ‘self’ you have been gifted with in this life time. Yet you live in a culture that profits from your self-doubt, insecuries and self-hatred. Therefore loving your…

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Moon wisdom for your inner goddess


Moon wisdom for your inner goddess. Here are the tools I use as the full moon moves into the waning moon period. They have helped me evaluate my life and make necessary personal and professional changes in the 28 days that follow. I share the basic framework for healing and…

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