The 5 best spiritual shops in London


The 5 best Spiritual shops in London are all close together. You can do a walking tour in one afternoon. If you are spiritually curious, or simply want a taste of various ‘spiritual paths’, you can dip your toe in pagan, occult, magical, mind/body/soul, new age, esoteric and metaphysical waters in a few hours.

spiritual-shops-in-london-symbolsThis special free map includes some interesting historical places nearby too. Spooky ancient mummies and symbols of protection in the Egyptian and Persian collections at The British Museum. The Freemason’s Hall which will reveal some of its shrouded secrets if you venture inside. Of course, you can enjoy a tea & cake pit-stop near each point on this magical journey too. Mmmm. In terms of extras: You can venture off track to the oldest tea shop in London (ideal for tea leaf reading supplies) or, for good measure, learn about the ley lines (energy lines) of London and the stunning buildings of Sir Christopher Wren. The latter should definitely not be missed! (As a bonus, I’ve included 5 extra mystical places in London that only insiders know!).

treadwells-spiritual-shops-in-londonThese unusual places have given me so much joy over the years. I want them to stick around, so I’m very happy to promote them. I hope you like them too!

It’s fun to spend an afternoon browsing crystals, Oracle/tarot cards, herbs/potions/candles, incense or rare books in esoteric and metaphysical places. It is often better to get a feel for these special objects before buying. Buying choices are so personal. Shopping online is just not the same.

Some of the spiritual shops in London have been around for years and have interesting legacies. Each spiritual shop in London has its own particular unique flavour. A ton of spiritual workshops and events take place in each venue too.

5-best-spiritual-shops-walking-tour-mapSince I created this short walking tour of the 5 best spiritual shops in London in 2015, people from all over the world have enjoyed using it.

“I just wanted to say thank you for your page/pdf on the 5 best spiritual shops in London. Yesterday was my friend Karl’s birthday, we planned to come to London for the day, but didn’t have any specific plans – but when I found your website, I decided as a surprise, we would do your walk. We also stopped at the museum and after doing 4 of the shops, we went to the portrait gallery. Fabulous shops and street walking. Many thanks again.” Stella B, UK (by email, 3rd February 2016)

5-best-spiritual-places-in-london-postcardAs well as all the shops and places of interest mentioned above and below, you will receive a second 2 page walking map and guide to 5 extra special mystical places of interest around London, that only insiders know;-)

These two free maps & guides are PDF maps for PC, Mac, iPhone or iPad. You may need a PDF reader like Acrobat for PC. You can get free instant access to these comprehensive guides including route map and full contact details below.

I’ve loved exploring London’s hidden secrets over the years. If you like these tours and guides, please let me know!

The 5 best Spiritual shops in London

Listed below in the same order as the free downloadable walking tour:

1. Treadwells Books

33 Store Street, London WC1E 7BS

treadwells-bookshop-spiritual-shops-in-londonIt’s like walking into a old library. Except it’s not a library. Treadwells Books is a post-modern, post-Crowley place for the meeting of intellectual minds and sharing of ideas. Open in 2003 by Christina Oakley Harrington. Host venue to ecclectic events such as incense making workshops, Wiccan / Pagan circles, tarot reading courses and LGBT & Vodou in Haiti talks. Its got its own apothecary (herbs, potions, oils, incense, candles, cauldrons and other magical supplies). You can buy a black velvet cape and ‘witches’ hat here too. Friendly, welcoming and helpful staff.

Best Spiritual Shop in London for: Western pagan spiritualities and European esoteric traditions.

2. The Atlantis Occult Bookshop

49A Museum Street, London WC1A 1LY

atlantis-bookshop-spiritual-shops-in-londonThere’s a roaring fire, stuffed bookshelves and cosy armchair. You’ve stepped back into another historical era. Time stands still and you can let your imagination run free. Founded in 1922, Atlantis is “the oldest independent occult bookshop in London“. Alistair Crowley, Dion Fortune and WB Yeats were all customers. Gerald Gardiner started the 20th Century witchcraft revival from the basement. There’s a large collection of Oracle Card decks for sale, as well as multitudes of rare esoteric books. Atlantis host regular event launches, art exhibitions and workshops.

Best Spiritual Shop in London for: Western and magical traditions.

3. Buddha on a Bicycle

27 Endell Street, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9BA


The owners wanted to build a community around a pretty spiritual shop filled with Buddhas, beautiful crystals and fair trade gifts. Buddha on a Bicycle stocks ethically sourced Buddhist and Hindu artefacts and deities, singing bowls, bells, malas and Tibetan thangkas. You can buy music or chakra meditations, candles, incense or oils to indulge the senses. The downstairs sanctuary offers daily yoga classes, meditations and sessions with therapists, healers and intuitive readers. Buddha on a Bicycle sells original hand-crafted mandala cards and prints by artist Rosella. Friendly and helpful staff. More information on their popular Buddha on a Bicycle Facebook page:

Best Spiritual Shop in London for: Mind/body/spirit & Wellbeing

4. Mysteries New Age Store

34 Shorts Gardens, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9PXmysteries-spiritual-shop-in-london

mysteries-spiritual-shops-in-londonMysteries is well known – even ‘famous’ – thanks to numerous press write-ups since it opened in 1982. While similar new age shops have come and gone, Mysteries has remained. After over 30 years, Mysteries recently down-sized to one shop instead of two and then moved around the corner, but is still a fully-fledged new age store that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Crystals, metaphysical books, smudge sticks, candles, tarot sets, dream catchers, mystical paraphernalia and nick-nacks galore. If you need a ‘same-day’ psychic reading they have readers on site seven days a week. (PS. don’t be put off by the garish website!)

Best Spiritual Shop in London for: Same-day psychic readings. All things New Age.

5. Watkins Books

Watkins Bookshop, 19 Cecil Court, London WC2N 4EZ

Watkins Bookshop is ‘the oldest surviving mystical bookshop in the world’. It moved to it’s present site in Cecil Court off St. Martin’s Lane 1901. Watkins specialises in the occult, mystical, esoterica, mind body spirit, new age and metaphysics. Cecil Court is a Sherlock Holmes-style scene. The surrounding shops support the street’s antiquated feel. A couple of years ago Watkins ran into financial problems and temporarily closed. It would have been a great pity to have lost this magical little gem. I’m so happy to know Watkins Books is thriving again. Watkins’ Mind Body Spirit Magazine publishes an annual 100 most spiritually influential living people list. Watkins also host a great online GeoSpiritual Map of spiritual sights and totally ‘woo’ happenings in London (- ghosts, ley lines, UFOs, festivals etc).

Best Spiritual Shop in London for: Contemporary spirituality, self development and mysticism.

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