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Self healing meditation is a profound tool for healing and transformation. These guided MP3 self healing meditations can be downloaded to a Mac or PC, and transferred to a smartphone or tablet to be played on the move. After you complete your purchase, you’ll be redirected to a page with a link to your downloads. You will automatically receive a PayPal receipt and an email with your links too.

You will need a PC or Mac and internet connection to download your MP3 files. All meditations last at least 10 minutes, plus a verbal introduction and 5 minutes of extra music at the end, except the Cord Cutting Meditation which lasts 14 minutes with a 15 minute optional instrumental at the end. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: All the information and content in these self healing meditation audio MP3s is for entertainment and educational purposes only; not for diagnosis, prescription or to replace medical advice or treatment.

Self Healing Meditation MP3 Bonus Bundle

self healing meditation purchase and download

Learn all the self healing meditation techniques and use them in your daily life. Buy all 11 guided self healing meditations below for €29.75 (saving €24.75) – and receive a free bonus 10 minute Silent Meditation instrumental. This bundle includes:

Breath Meditation, Safe Place Meditation, Angel Meditation, Forgiveness Meditation, Vipassana Meditation, Chakra Meditation, Grounding Meditation, Manifestation Meditation, Inner Child Meditation, Silent Meditation instrumental AND Relationship Cord Cutting Meditation.

All self healing meditations last 10 minutes, plus a verbal introduction and a 5 minute instrumental at the end, except the Cord Cutting Meditation which lasts 14 minutes with a 15 minute optional instrumental at the end.

€29.75 – Purchase Includes 21% tax

self healing meditation for transformation with breathSelf Healing Meditation: Breath

An introduction to this simple self healing meditation technique. Breathe forms the basis of all the other self healing meditations. Therefore you can slow your breathing to reverse the ‘fight-or-flight’ stress response. When your breath is slow your body believes it is safe to relax. This guided self healing meditation brings awareness to the breath, slows the breath and returns your attention to the breath. Breath meditation is simple and easy. Yet, it’s my favourite self healing meditation because it’s so fast and effective for relaxation of body & mind.

€4.95 – Purchase Includes 21% tax

self healing meditation to find your safe placeSelf Healing Meditation: Safe Place

When someone is traumatised they feel there is no safe place inside and their ability to cope with any situation is weakened. This guided self healing meditation was developed by psychotherapy and behavioural health experts to provide an internal place of refuge and safety. As a result, this self healing meditation helps to bring chronic stress, anxiety and post-traumatic stress symptoms under control. When you return from your safe place, you will feel calm, reguvenated and have an increased capacity to handle whatever challenges you face in a calm, detached way. Consequently this self healing meditation is especially relevant if you suffer from anxiety or social phobia.

€4.95 – Purchase Includes 21% tax

self healing meditation technique to connect with your angelSelf Healing Meditation: Angels

This self healing meditation gets you into a quiet and receptive state ready to connect with your angel(s). Angels are always ready to assist whenever you need help. Often we are not able to feel their presence or hear their communication. Our lives are too busy, noisy, chaotic and stressful. All we need to do is to be calm and peaceful, and then ask. This guided self healing meditation helps you to be open to receiving angelic higher guidance and comfort throughout your day. Furthermore it can be used in conjunction with Angel Cards for extra clarity.

€4.95 – Purchase Includes 21% tax

forgiveness self-healing meditationSelf Healing Meditation: Forgiveness

Whether forgiving yourself or another person (or people), forgiveness can’t be rushed. Often natural feelings of hurt, anger, blame, shame and sadness have to be resolved before acceptance is reached. Self-forgiveness for past actions or things that have gone wrong is the first step towards self-love and healing. Use this self healing meditation to keep a critical ‘inner voice’ at bay, or to heal and finally let go of any pain associated with another’s actions. Forgiveness (of self and others) is scientifically proven to increase happiness and health, as well as a providing range of other healing benefits. Hence this is a good meditation to help you let go of the past and feel more free.

€4.95 – Purchase Includes 21% tax

self healing meditation to learn vipassannaSelf Healing Meditation: Vipassana

Vipassana is one of India’s most ancient types of self healing meditation, and today it has a reputation as one of the most hardcore of meditation techniques. Hence Vipassana is used to reform offenders in the Indian prison system, and in maximum high security jails in the southern states of America. Vipassana is a way of self-transformation through intense self-observation. It focuses on the mind and body interconnection; bringing awareness to physical sensations and the condition of the mind. As a result, when practised regularly, Vipassana dissolves mental impurity, resulting in a balanced, clear mind full of love and compassion.

€4.95 – Purchase Includes 21% tax

self healing meditation for healing the chakrasSelf Healing Meditation: Chakras

Your 7 main chakras are energy centres that have information to share: about your life, your state of being, your health and your emotions, past and present. Since chakras get out of balance and clogged (similar to how a vacuum cleaner gets clogged with fluff!) it is wise to give them a little TLC from time to time. Energy goes where attention flows. You will use your inner awareness to access information about your chakras. Furthermore, you’ll be working with the energy of the seventh plane to clear, cleanse and align your chakras too.

€4.95 – Purchase Includes 21% tax

self healing meditation for grounding your energySelf Healing Meditation: Grounding

When a person is ungrounded their aura protrudes up out of their physical body. Symptoms include hyper-vigilance, anxiety, tension, headaches, confusion, forgetfulness, paranoia, weakened immune system and scattered thoughts. I designed this Grounding Meditation to disperse excess head energy (anxiety) and bring the aura fully into the physical body. It uses specially created music in the low C chord for a healthy base chakra (1st). The audio teaches a fundamental technique for grounding first, followed by an advanced visualisation for grounding. Read more here: the importance of being grounded.

€4.95 – Purchase Includes 21% tax

self healing meditation for manifestation, woman prayingSelf Healing Meditation: Manifestation

The definition of success is not just about material wealth. Good health, free time, happy relationships, creativity, variety, emotional stability, peace of mind, freedom, enjoyable work and well-being are all parts of a successful life. It is possible to harness the infinite organising power of the universe to create the life you want. You can have anything you want. You just need to let your imagination run free and listen to the sound of your soul. So learn how with this 10 minute Manifestation Meditation.

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€4.95 – Purchase Includes 21% tax

self healing meditation for gratitudeSelf Healing Meditation: Gratitude Meditation

You will never be happy until you get into the practice of gratitude. Until then your evaluation of yourself and your life may be skewed. The attitude of gratitude and appreciation has many scientifically proven benefits: research shows grateful people are happy people. The practice of gratitude helps your ability to achieve goals. It is good for your health. Most of all, you receive more of what you focus on so, consequently, this self healing meditation increases your capacity to manifest positive things.

€4.95 – Purchase Includes 21% tax

self-healing meditation inner childSelf Healing Meditation: Inner Child

Connecting with your inner child is simple yet deeply healing. Renowned psychoanalyst Carl Jung coined the term “Inner Child”. He observed how his own behaviour and reactions stemmed from childhood experiences. As your relationship with your inner child develops, healing occurs. As a result circumstances that used to trigger a strong reaction no longer bother you as much. You can use this Inner Child Self Healing Meditation to integrate any parts that got split off in childhood; heal any wounds and become a more rounded, happier person.

€4.95 – Purchase Includes 21% tax

self healing meditation for relationship cord cuttingSelf Healing Meditation: Relationship Cord Cutting

Relationship cords are energetic bonds between two people which may be positive or negative. This easy to follow self healing meditation clears these cords with love and compassion. In some cases, with forgiveness towards yourself and the other person. Clearing old cords means a new relationship cord will form if it’s for the highest good for both people. Otherwise, it creates space for new more positive connections to enter your life. This relationship cord cutting meditation takes 14 minutes with a 15 minute optional instrumental at the end. Read more about Relationship Cord Cutting.

€4.95 – Purchase Includes 21% tax

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