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press-and-mediaAs an expert palmist working under the professional name of Amber Garnet, I featured on BBC Radio 4’s Midweek programme, BBC3 Glastonbury coverage, BBC Persian TV, ITV’s This Morning, The Independent newspaper, Kindred Spirit, Le Cool, LOOK and Spirit&Destiny magazines, to name a few. Other press and media includes articles written for the Daily Mail newspaper, Soul&Spirit magazine and

press and media

londonword“I was shocked by the level of accuracy and detail. I had deliberately given her nothing more than my name, and she picked up on flaws, past experiences and fears that people who have known me for years would struggle to identify. I felt as if a weight had been lifted and everything seemed a lot clearer than before. The cynic in me could say that this is nothing more than a placebo effect, but on this occasion, I think the cynic may be wrong… I think this one’s the real deal. Hardened cynics, go in with an open mind and prepare to have your preconceptions well and truly challenged.” Lottie O’Connor, review, August 2010

KindredSpirit-magazine“She is very accurate… It’s joy to report that I can’t imagine anything negative ever coming out of Amber’s mouth in a reading. This is all positive, life affirming stuff.” Tania Ahsen, Kindred Spirit, July/August 2009




lecool-magazine“Amber Garnet, Palmstress extraordinaire… It was so much fun to learn the basics of the ancient art and to have someone concentrate on your destiny.” Sonya Barber, Le Cool magazine, April 2009



islingtonnow“I’m a sceptic, but as it turns out my worries are unwarranted… there is something deeply unpretentious and sincere about the young woman who sits across from me… She charts the last ten years of my life with uncanny precision. I think, ‘This girl is good’.” Elizabeth Kirkwood, Islington Now, March 2009


chat-itsfate-magazine“Everyone here loved you… thank you for your delightful reading.”
Mary Bryce, Editor, Chat – It’s Fate, March 2009




jonathancainer“I’m impressed.” Jonathan Cainer at Glastonbury, Astrologer for Mail on Sunday, July 2007




katy-regan-marie-claire“All the feel good factor of a therapy session, the indulgence of a massage and the wisdom of your oldest, bestest friend in one.” Katy Regan, Features Editor, Marie Claire, March 2007



mademoisellerobot“There was a palmist on hand too (no pun intended), so I had to have my fortune read, if only for the experience. Turned out Amber is a very talented lady and a skilled psychologist. She was really accurate in her description of me/my life. I am a skeptic when it comes to divination and fortune telling, but I like to think that deep down there is some sort of magic in this world so let’s say 50% of my brain wants to believe what she said. Even if it isn’t true, it was a brilliant pick me up.” Laëtitia Wajnapel, Editor,, February 2010


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