Plan your spiritual retreat in the UK


When I need a break I use travelling as a form of spiritual retreat. Some people feel really uncomfortable being alone, if you break through any initial discomfort a spiritual retreat in the UK is the perfect cure for loneliness or sadness. If I am ever feeling lonely it’s usually…

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Free online tarot readings – do they work?


Spirit speaks in mysterious ways and computer generated insights can be very accurate. Free online tarot and oracle card readings (or oracle card apps for smartphones) can clarify problems without having to do (or pay for) a full reading with physical cards. These freebies are especially useful when you want…

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Grounding Your Energy Body – How To

Grounding your energy body

Grounding Your Energy Body is especially important for empaths, healers and highly sensitive people (HSPs). One of the biggest motivations for Grounding Your Energy Body is because the more grounded you are the more spiritual you can become. I know this sounds like something JPSears would say, but I explain…

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Simple meditation – why people don’t meditate


Simple meditation should be easy so why is regular meditation so hard to keep up? I did 15 minutes meditation each day for a year and became so happy… That I stopped. Uh? That’s right. If I had carried on that practice I would have been meditating every day for…

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