Relationship cord cutting


Strong emotions between two people create relationship cords. Energetic bonds created in this way can be positive or negative. The feedback you get from your relationship cords might make you feel uplifted, depleted or even blocked. Relationship cords can exist even if  you are no longer physically or geographically close…

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Protection for sensitive people – free guide


Protection for sensitive people is my guide for sensitives who want to protect their energy. It helps prevent burnout and compassion fatigue, and helps you stay balanced and happy in a world where therecan be lots of confusing atmospheres and energy exchanges. See my free guide: Self-care for sensitive people…

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EFT tapping for anxiety and fear


I learnt how to use EFT tapping for anxiety and fear. This was because until relatively recently I was very much in the psychic closet. I was a professional intuitive, but few people who met me socially knew it. I was genuinely afraid to share my professional life. Whenever I…

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The 5 best spiritual shops in London


The 5 best Spiritual shops in London are all close together. You can do a walking tour in one afternoon. If you are spiritually curious, or simply want a taste of various ‘spiritual paths’, you can dip your toe in pagan, occult, magical, mind/body/soul, new age, esoteric and metaphysical waters…

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