Free online tarot readings – do they work?


Spirit speaks in mysterious ways and computer generated insights can be very accurate. Free online tarot and oracle card readings (or oracle card apps for smartphones) can clarify problems without having to do (or pay for) a full reading with physical cards. These freebies are especially useful when you want…

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Grounding Your Energy Body

Grounding your energy body

Grounding Your Energy Body is necessary for sensitive people who are leading modern lives. Why? Because you are an bioelectrical being living on an electrical planet. You need universal energy in your physical body to thrive. Until relatively recently humans have sat, stood, strolled and slept on the ground –…

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Simple meditation – why people don’t meditate


Simple meditation should be easy so why is regular meditation so hard to keep up? I did 15 minutes meditation each day for a year and became so happy… That I stopped. Uh? That’s right. If I had carried on that practice I would have been meditating every day for…

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