Manifest your dreams 3 hour plan

Manifest your dreams three hour plan – I created this plan to help me create a happier lifestyle after leaving London in 2016. It consists of three parts, delivered by email over 3 hours.

  • Part 1: Releasing the previous twelve months + dreaming big for the year ahead, with a guided manifestation meditation audio. 
  • Part 2: Be. Do Have. Clarity listmaker to help you choose and stay focussed on the experiences that will bring you joy.
  • Part 3: Your vibe attracts your tribe: Re-imagine your relationships in order to attract your sacred circle.

** IMPORTANT: The waxing moon period is the BEST time in the monthly cycle to create wishlists and manifestation lists. This is the two week period directly running up to a full moon. Find out when the next waxing moon period is here. **

I made a short YouTube video about how these actions helped me in 2017…

Manifest your dreams in 2017 New Year Ritual
For years, I got sucked into the merry-go-round of consumerism and consumption at Christmas. My life changed when I realised I don’t actually have to go out on New Year’s Eve. A few years later, my approach to Christmas changed completely too.

Now my annual ritual involves self-care, solitude and creativity. Christmas is relaxing and New Year’s Eve is a night I look forward to. Call me an introvert; I just find a sense of peace and magic by staying at home. Far from feeling old – I feel free.

Winter is a this powerfully symbolic time for introspection, rest and reflection. It’s a fallow period is where new ideas and inspiration are born. If you follow the flow of nature and tend to your inner world, you create fertile ground for spring blossoms, summer blooms and a rich autumn harvest. This mid-winter retreat atmosphere can be re-created at any time of year. In terms of following natural cycles, Sunday is usually the best day because it’s energy most matches the energy of Winter. (Monday and Tuesday the energy of Spring, and so on). I created these planners on the cusp of 2016/17 and have been using them ever since.

Manifest your dreams 3 Hour Plan

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Manifest Your Dreams 12 Month Review
(printable/fillable A4 PDF*):

Get clear on exactly what you need to let go of in order to create more goodness.

Manifest Your Dreams 12 Month Wishlist (printable or fillable A4 PDF*):

Get clear on exactly what goodness you want to attract more of.

Manifest Your Dreams Meditation audio (listen & learn):

Fast forward yourself into the manifestation mindset.


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Wishing you a happy 12 months ahead.

Amy Garner


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Manifest your dreams 2017 mid-winter retreat

Hello, my name is Amy Garner and for the last 8 years I’ve provided spiritual guidance, healing and support to hundreds of people worldwide. Until recently I was based in central London, now I live in northern Spain. I’m a very experienced professional psychic, intuitive and healer (see Soul Support). In October 2016, I stopped working one-to-one. That’s because I am writing a book about my experiences as a clairvoyant and creating healing products to be launched in 2018.

Due to my own personal experiences and client work, I understand the issues facing people who want to learn, challenge themselves and grow. I know what it is like to be ‘successful’ on paper. I also know what it is like to be stuck, to fail, to face bankruptcy, to be made redundant, to feel scared, doubtful, confused, not good enough, demotivated, burnt out, hurt and disappointed. I also believe that you can become happier, stronger and more fulfilled without having to invest time and money in years and years of conventional therapy. I have witnessed how it is possible to raise self-awareness, let go of the past and create an inspired future in safe, ethical, cost effective, self-directed and time-efficient ways.

Enjoy my first ever YouTube video below. Enjoy!


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