How I got Good Vibes from plant-based food


How I got Good Vibes from plant-based food. Why I stopped being a meat-loving disaster in the kitchen… and how you can go vegan without turning into a crazed evangelical lunatic.

Here’s my story.

I grew up as the only meat-eater in a family of vegetarians. First, my dad switched, then my brother… a few years later my mum and sisters followed too. My dad was influenced by his new partner; my brother admired my dad so copied him and my mother decided to switch for health reasons. I tried it for 6 weeks but caved in one day when I felt a strong craving for processed ham. A friend drove me to the deli counter at Sainsbury’s (a UK supermarket chain). Looking back I realise now that I likely had undiagnosed anaemia due to my generally poor diet. Nevertheless, at the time I felt the ‘vegetarian way’ was not for me.

How I got Good Vibes on plant-based food: London ‘foodie’ with a  secret

Cue forward 10 years. I was still eating meat. I still had a pretty poor diet. I couldn’t cook to save my life. I was overweight. I remember making pasta with melted margarine and cheese to impress a new German boyfriend. This really was the best I could offer at the time. Yet, every time I tried to learn about food and make something healthy, I failed. (One of the most memorable occasions was using cinnamon and radish in a vegetable stew. It was a mystery why my friends always suggested eating out!). Ironically, I was working as a restaurant PR in central London, UK. My job involved promoting some of London’s best eateries. Unfortunately, my secret was that, unless it was paid for and served to me on a plate, I was a disaster when it came to food.


How I got Good Vibes from plant-based food: We are all connected

Cue forward another 10 years. My career was veering back to my original passions: creativity and healing. I’d recently taken my Reiki II and III attunements so I could offer people healing as well as intuitive readings in my spare time. I noticed I was increasingly sensitive to what I put in my body. First, alcohol became unbearable, then meat. I’d been vegetarian for only one year when I woke at the crack of dawn feeling pulled to watch a powerful documentary on YouTube. I’d read plenty about Earthlings – the vegan maker – narrated by Joaquin Phoenix, in the weeks before. I sat through the heart-wrenching film, feeling alternating deep sorrow, anger, helplessness and despair. I knew that I would never feel the same about eating meat – or dairy and eggs – again. My life was changed forever.

How I got Good Vibes on plant-based food-we-are-one
How I got Good Vibes from plant-based food: Reaching new heights as a HSP

That was in 2008. On reflection, I believe that this shift in consciousness was necessary for me to become a better healer and spiritual channel. After all, this was to be my job for the next seven years: giving healing and readings to hundreds of people in London and worldwide. My awareness had been broken open. I could no longer be someone who only felt empathy for people and living things I knew directly. I now felt an expanded sense of compassion for all living things on the planet. Going plant-based was a method for me to feel less powerless about what was happening to billions of animals every year. And the destruction of the environment. I took back control of what I put in my body and where I spent my money. I felt better inside, I lost weight and I had more energy. This was how I got Good Vibes on plant-based food.

I was still a terrible cook – but I was now at least a terrible plant-based cook.
And I had a new job: to learn how to be and stay vegan! Fortunately, that same year, the German boyfriend had become my husband and he taught me everything he knew about cooking. Then I researched and practised. To be honest, I’m still learning new things about plant-based living every day. But, thanks to the internet, being plant-based now is easier than ever before. Which is why I created Good Vibes 5 Step Plant-based Food Guide to help make YOUR vegan journey as easy as possible!

Good Vibes 5 Step Plant-based Food Guide cake

I share everything I have learnt over the last 9 years in the Good Vibes 5 Step Plant-based Food Guide. If you are curious about veganism or just want to make a powerful positive change to your life in 2017 – the eBook and eCourse will make it as easy as possible for you. The Good Vibes 5 Step Plant-based Food Guide breaks down the five stages of getting – and staying – plant-based, and puts you on the road to a high vibe 2017!

Empower your mind and body. Raise your vibration. Save your own life. Become a conscious living soul. Go vegan! Registered & Protected 

5 steps to plant-based Good Vibes
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