Good Vibes 5 Step Plant-based Food Guide


Confidently switch to a plant-based diet in 5 weeks and join millions of others who are waking up to a kinder, healthier and planet-saving high-vibe life! The Good Vibes 5 Step Plant-based Food Guide shows you how (- without information overload, confusing research, angry vegans making you feel bad, expensive ingredients and complicated recipes, or having to give up delicious food!)good-vibes-5-step-plant-based-food-guide-tablet-iphone
Good Vibes Good Vibes 5 Step Plant-based Food Guide is an illustrated 50+ page eBook containing all I’ve learnt on my journey to plant-based (- including why being plant-based easily helps raise your vibration, improve your well-being and save the planet!).

Good Vibes 5 Step Plant-based Food Guide is compendium of carefully researched resources, science-based diet facts, tips and information for all budding, wannabe and newbie vegans. I share my own favourite plant-based recipes, supplements, suppliers, inspiring vegan trailblazers, and signpost you to all the best free vegan recipes online. It’s packed with my own colourful illustrations and photographs, making it light-hearted and fun!

Bonuses: Upon purchase, you will automatically receive a Good Vibes 5 Step Plant-based Food 5 week e-Course FREE – and €1.00 of your purchase will go to a planet-changing animal charity (details below).

Why I stopped being a meat-loving disaster in the kitchen… and how you can too



I grew up as the only meat-eater in a family of vegetarians. Yet the ‘vegetarian way’ was not for me. That was until I watched a powerful documentary on YouTube. I sat through the heart-wrenching film, feeling alternating deep sorrow, anger, helplessness and despair. I knew that I would never feel the same about eating meat – or dairy and eggs – again. My life was changed forever.

That was in 2008. You can read the full story of my plant-based journey here: How I got Good Vibes from plant-based food. Being plant-based now is easier than ever before. Which is why I created Good Vibes 5 Step Plant-based Food Guide to help make YOUR vegan journey as easy as possible!

I share everything I have learnt over the last 8 years in the Good Vibes 5 Step Plant-based Food Guide. If you are curious about veganism or just want to make a powerful positive change to your life in 2017 – my aim is to help you. The Good Vibes 5 Step Plant-based Food Guide breaks down the five stages of getting – and staying – plant-based, and puts you on the road to a high vibe 2017!

Empower your mind and body. Raise your vibration. Save your own life. Become a conscious living soul. Go vegan!

Benefits (- why you should buy Good Vibes 5 Step Plant-based Food Guide!)


  • Understand why a plant-based diet is healthier, kinder to animals and the planet, and a practical option for those wanting to shift their vibration to the next level.
  • Learn why the 5 steps are important for changing to – and sticking with – a plant-based diet, and how to action the five steps easily.
  • Save hours of your precious time and effort searching for accurate information and reliable resources. Have it delivered to you in one place at the click of a button.
  • Learn which four films will help you ‘make the connection’ and enable you to kickstart a plant-powered shift in consciousness: whether you care about animals, the environment, health or spirituality.
  • Understand the spiritual aspects of veganism in world religions and it’s role in emerging new age spirituality.
  • Discover tips and tricks that help you plan a plant-based diet without having to spend lots of money or time in the kitchen.
  • Discover trailblazing social media stars to inspire and motivate you along your plant-powered journey.
  • Know where to find the best sources of the latest scientific wisdom about the health benefits of veganism (including Vitamin B12 and the Protein Myth).
  • Know where to reach out for support and how to meet other positive plant-based people worldwide.
  • Understand some of the challenges you may come across by being vegan – and how to deal with them.
  • Receive over 100 carefully curated links to the best books, websites, blogs, recipes, YouTube channels and podcasts – many of them completely free!
  • Get a ‘starter pack’ of 10 simple vegan recipes that I regularly make, which take the hassle out of switching to plant-based (- and no, you don’t have to be a good cook to make these!).
  • All of this collected together in one colourfully illustrated and fun digital package!

PLUS: It is 100% free from information overload, confusing research, angry vegans making you feel bad, expensive ingredients and complicated recipes; – or anything else that stops you enjoying delicious food!

Good Vibes 5 Step Plant-based Food Guide Contents:


How to ‘Make the Connection’
Vegan Facts
Must-see Films
Inspirational People
Social Media Stars
Diet Research
Nutrition (including Vitamin B12 & The Protein Myth)
Best Sources of free Vegucation and Recipes online
Plant-Based Cookbooks
Vegan Cheats – dairy and egg replacements
My favourite 10 plant-based recipes
How to Win a Vegan Argument
Veganism in World Religions
How to Be the Change
Quotes from Celebrity Vegans
Plant-based Planet (Directory).

Good Vibes 5 Step Plant-based Food Guide contains my 100% original artwork, design and photography. Upon purchase, you will automatically receive a Good Vibes 5 Step Plant-based Food 5 week e-Course FREE – and €1.00 of your purchase will go to a planet-changing animal charity (details below).

A4 full colour, 56 x A4 pages, 10MB PDF file. Digital download only. PC, Mac, iPhone or iPad.

What they say about the Good Vibes 5 Step Plant-based Food Guide…


Good-vibes-5-step-plant-based-food-guide-deborah-walker“After 30 years of being vegetarian and vegan, I have finally become trendy. This book is a great starting point for the newbie vegan, giving masses of support references for inspiration and information, covering the breadth of veganism both cooked and raw. Outlining simple guidance on nutrition, and how to get a ‘vegucation’! Amy’s done all the hard work for you, and shown where to find recipe websites, vegan people, films, recipe books, videos, you have no excuse but to be informed. The hard points to swallow are the numbers of animals that are killed, I’m not sure anyone can truly consider these numbers mean we are a compassionate society. It should stop you in your tracks and, if nothing else, encourage you to consider that eating a more plant-based diet is not only good for your health, but also for the benefit of our animals, who are conscious feeling beings. I know my dog is, he’s upset when I don’t share my carrots with him, or tuck him in at night, and he would be really annoyed if I tried to eat him! In typically Amy’s energetic and vibrant style, from the first page be energised, and get ready to save yourself, your health, the animals and the world. I felt motivated and I’ve been vegan since 18! You just have to love her energy, it comes through on each page, her passion is infectious, its colourful, fun and I loved the carrot and chickpea wrap, with extra carrots for the dog of course. Be inspired. Be vegan. Be the change.” Deborah Walker, award-winning naturopathic nutritionist, London, Omagh (Ireland) and Surrey, UK.

Good-vibes-5-step-plant-based-food-guide-pippa-king“As a lifetime semi-veggie, I have always been interested in going totally vegan, but have always found it a bit daunting. Reading Amy Garner’s ‘Good Vibes’ book was like a breath of fresh air. Vibrant and inspiringly presented, I found the structure and guidance well laid out and easy to follow, packed with useful links, websites and some of Amy’s favourite yummy recipes to start me off. The book also answered a lot of questions for me, such as getting the right supplements for vegans and replacement ingredients for my favourite nibbles such as cakes. The biggest benefits of this book for me are that it delivers a wealth of information and resources in a colourful, fun, light-hearted way and gave me lots of ways to connect with others on the same journey. The information is current and guided me one step at a time through the vegan transition without feeling overwhelmed. If you would like to shift your life to fully vegan lifestyle and raise your vibration at the same time, then this book is for you, it will help you make that transition with ease and enjoy the process.” Pippa King, Holistic Therapist, Stress Management Consultant, Advanced Theta Healing® Instructor & Practitioner, Malta & UK

Good-vibes-5-step-plant-based-food-guide-cathy-ballard“I LOVED this thoughtfully presented e-book on veganism, Good Vibes by Amy Garner. It’s full of help, support, resources and information to help you embrace the journey of going vegan – so you can live a positive, healthy life without harming yourself, animals or the planet. It’s packed with lovely vegan recipes, facts, health guidance, links to films, books, online tribes, free online recipes, Youtube channels, and inspiring people who are happily walking the vegan path. Amy’s eBook lifts the lid on vegan mis-information, as well as giving lots of helpful tips for dealing with transitioning into veganism when people around you might not understand. It also has some great counter-arguments to non-vegans who try to make you feel bad – or weird – for wanting to live aligned with higher values. And it’s beautifully illustrated with Amy’s quirky graphics and great pictures, so it’s a real pleasure to read. Highly recommended!” Cathy Ballard, transformational coach, teacher and facilitator, UK.

Good-vibes-5-step-plant-based-food-guide-carol-fennerAfter reading Good Vibes by Amy Garner I realised how many health benefits there are to changing to a plant-based diet. This eBook includes links to stories documenting other peoples’ personal transformations after their decision to stop eating meat. There is helpful information on how to find your local vegan/vegetarian restaurants which really made me want to try this out. (Another excuse for lunch with a friend!) What I liked the most was the manageable chunks of information, clearly bullet-pointed for me to find each section again. I also liked the tone, which is supportive of you making small steps towards veganism, rather than an ‘all or nothing’ approach. It is important to be able to connect with like-minded people to make your eating discoveries all the more enjoyable, and Amy has listed many different options for doing this. The overall benefit of this book is the practical guidance, with links to factsheets, websites and videos to support; all helping you to feel motivated to make a shift. I loved the simple recipe ideas to try yourself, along with cookbook suggestions, especially as sometimes starting a new eating regime can be daunting. As I work as a spiritual Healer myself I particularly liked that Amy presents this topic’s relevance to other world religions and their belief systems around not eating meat. Overall the biggest theme for me is that if we want to heal our world, we first have to start by healing ourselves, creating a ripple effect across the universe and a changed – and healed – planet.” Carol Fenner, Transformational Counsellor, Adviser and Energy Therapist, UK

Two free bonuses!

Bonus #1:
Upon purchase, you will automatically be able to sign-up for the Good Vibes 5 Step Plant-based Food 5 week e-course – completely free! This eCourse covers all the 5 steps – and includes fillable PDF worksheets for focused learning. Simply look out for an email to confirm your sign-up details. Once signed up you’ll receive a weekly motivational email to help keep you on track.


Bonus #2: For every eBook + eCourse sold, I will donate €1.00 to one of my seven favourite daring and committed charities. These groups stand up for animals, the environment and indigenous people. So – even if you don’t go vegan – you are still contributing in a positive way! (See my blog post: 5 kick-ass changemaking charities).

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Format: A4 full colour, 56 x A4 pages, 10MB PDF file.
Digital download only.
PC, Mac, iPhone or iPad.

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