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Clearing blocks + clearing limiting beliefs is a lifelong work in progress as far as I’m concerned. I’ve been actively  exploring methods of clearing blocks + clearing limiting beliefs for at least eight years, both working on myself and helping private clients. I am still constantly honing my skills, but I believe energy healing techniques are the fastest route to clearing blocks + clearing limiting beliefs.

Have you ever felt your heart calling you to do something with your life? You daydream about it but procrastinate, delay, make excuses not to start or simply feel unable to move forward with your wish, for no apparent reason?

If so, then perhaps you can relate to where I’m at right now. Only a few days ago I realised there’s a major block between me + the next thing I am called to create/do with my life.

The penny dropped when I realised how much responsibility I have always taken for other people.

The backstory:

  • Firstly, as the oldest girl in a family of four children, I was my mother’s confidante + helper.
  • Secondly, I threw myself into work/career but created + re-created many stressful scenarios where I carried the issues + problems of others.
  • Thirdly, in my personal life, I pleased people to feel safe + loved yet unconsciously mimicked the codependent + enmeshed relationships of my earlier life.

In 2009 I got really serious about self-healing, to the extent that my inner world completely transformed over time. Eventually, my outer landscape mirrored my inner process, to the point where this year I was able to take my foot off the professional pedal for the first time in my life. Wheeee!…

(– Okay, stay with me reader – I promise this story is going somewhere.)

In fact, my taste of freedom from over-responsibility has been so sweet that I never want to go back to how I was living before.

And that, my friends, is the block:

A fear of over-responsibility.

Rest assured I’m committed to clearing it because I see that it stands between me + true fulfilment. And it’s actually a good place to be in. I know that, with awareness and the right support, I CAN do things differently.

You may be wondering, what’s your block got to do with me?

Well, my favourite methods for clearing blocks + clearing limiting beliefs are EFT/tapping + Theta Healing. I use them on myself – I’m trained in both – and I work with practitioners from time to time. I recommend these clearing blocks + clearing limiting beliefs techniques because they are gentle yet very effective.

If you are stepping on to the path of self-healing, it’s great to sample healing techniques at home. I’ve created a couple of instant access audios, so can dip your toe in healing waters without obligation, commitment, investment or risk. You can listen for free, practice at home and adapt the technique to suit your particular needs.

Clearing blocks + clearing limiting beliefs – two of my favourite tools

Firstly, you can access and use the basic EFT tapping technique for fear and anxiety in my blog post EFT Tapping to overcome fear and anxiety. The download includes my EFT tapping for anxiety and fear procedure; three audios that give a rounded understanding of how you can use EFT on blocks and fears, including History + Origins of EFT (11min), EFT Tapping Example (7min) and a ‘How To’ Guided EFT Meditation (4 min).

Secondly, I love the Theta Healing Technique® – a spiritual and intuitive way to identify and clear core issues quickly without talking. Explained simply, Theta Healing is a process of reprogramming and populating your subconscious with positive experiences and memories, so that that fear and anxiety triggers are gradually replaced. Your unconscious therefore doesn’t have to go into survival mode to keep you safe. You can access a bite-sized element of the Theta Healing Technique as a meditation below.

By following these simple EFT tapping and Theta Healing techniques, one day you may realise that a fear that used to terrorise you has greatly diminished – or simply is not there anymore. Nevertheless, no path to healing is a quick-fix, and many different approaches have merit and value. As an ethical healer, I am forbidden to offer any guarantees or to make any claims of being able to cure. I simply base these offerings on the positive results I’ve experienced myself and witnessed in clients.

Clearing blocks + clearing limiting beliefs – learn now

My only caveat is that you understand that for serious issues it is always recommended to work with a trained practitioner who can support and guide you 1-2-1. Practitioner resources are listed below. The information I provide here is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace medical advice or treatment.

If you’re ready to start clearing blocks + clearing limiting beliefs, here’s instant access to a relaxing audio Theta Healing technique for reprogramming your unconscious / energy field;

All audios are available for MP3 download in my self-healing shop which sells easy-to-learn self-healing methods.

In case you are interested, here are some of the healers I’ve worked with on clearing blocks + clearing limiting beliefs over the years.

Please note: My free downloads are bite-sized aspects of the EFT tapping and Theta Healing techniques for clearing blocks + clearing limiting beliefs. If you wish to work on serious issues or trauma, it is advisable to consult a AAMET qualified EFT Practitioner by searching website: or a qualified Theta Healing Practitioner by searching Theta Worldwide.


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