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Hello, my name is Amy Garner and since 2009 I’ve provided spiritual guidance, healing and intuitive support to hundreds of people worldwide. Until recently I was based in central London, now I live in northern Spain. I’m a professional psychic, intuitive and healer (see Soul Support). I’m also a vintage solopreneur, having set up my first business nearly 20 years ago.

My area of special interest is dysfunctional families and how sensitive people can escape negative patterns to create better lives. I have witnesed how you can become happier, stronger and more fulfilled without having to invest in years of therapy. It is possible to raise self-awareness, let go of the past and create an inspired future in safe, ethical, cost effective, self-directed and time-efficient ways, that are not necessarily conventional.

heart-centred-support-treeI stopped working one-to-one in October 2016. That’s because I am writing a book about my experiences as a clairvoyant healer plus creating healing products and services to be launched in 2018. Until then, you can connect with me in the social spaces below. Enjoy!

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Amy Garner
Self-Healing: www.helloamygarner.com

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