Almost vegan: guilt-free food for the soul


Before 2009 I enjoyed sausages, liver, fish, occasional bacon, etc. I was the only meat-eater in a family of vegetarians. At the time I started my healing practice in 2009 I was drawn to watch a film that changed my life. One morning I woke at the crack of dawn.…

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Palmistry to understand your Boss

Palmistry to understand your Boss? You mean, seeing their hidden personality traits? Just by looking at their hands? Are you crazy? Um no. Is that really possible?  Yes. If you can get a good look at your boss’s hands. You know, perhaps when they are gesticulating. Or giving a demonstration.…

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Relationship cord cutting meditation


Strong emotions between two people create relationship cords. Energetic bonds created in this way can be positive or negative. The feedback you get from your relationship cords might make you feel uplifted, depleted or even blocked. Relationship cords can exist even if  you are no longer physically or geographically close…

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Protection for sensitive people


I was always told “You are too sensitive”. I was astounded to discover I could actually get a job as a ‘sensitive’. Wow. Since then, I have changed what I thought was a curse, into a blessing. Most people have a degree of sensitivity. Otherwise they would not be able…

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