Protection for sensitive people


I was always told “You are too sensitive”. I was astounded to discover I could actually get a job as a ‘sensitive’. Wow. Since then, I have changed what I thought was a curse, into a blessing. Most people have a degree of sensitivity. Otherwise they would not be able…

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How I came out: tapping to overcome fear


Until recently I was very much in the psychic closet. I was genuinely unsettled by people’s reactions to my profession. Whenever I felt brave enough to share with people what I did for a living, I was either put on a pedestal or vilified. I quickly learned that my profession…

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The 5 best spiritual shops in London


The 5 best Spiritual shops in London are all close together. You can do a walking tour in one afternoon. If you are spiritually curious, or simply want a taste of various ‘spiritual paths’, you can dip your toe in pagan, occult, magical, mind/body/soul, new age, esoteric and metaphysical waters…

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Plan your spiritual retreat in the UK


Aaaah… Relax… …no gossip, no grumbling, no meetings, no decisions, no interference, no alarms, no ‘to do’ list. You don’t need to hop on a plane to India or Thailand. A spiritual retreat in the UK is just as effective an antidote to fast-paced living. It’s jet-lag free and it…

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