How I got Good Vibes from plant-based food

How I got Good Vibes from plant-based food. Why I stopped being a meat-loving disaster in the kitchen… and how you can go vegan without turning into a crazed evangelical lunatic. Here’s my story. I grew up as the only meat-eater in a family of vegetarians. First, my dad switched,…

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Manifest your dreams in 2017 mid-winter retreat


It’s the time of year to create a manifest your dreams in 2017 mid-winter retreat! My life changed when I realised I don’t actually have to go out on New Year’s Eve. Call me an introvert, but I found a sense of peace and magic by staying at home. My…

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10 best healers in the UK


10 best healers in the UK is a list of 10 of the best healers I have used personally or worked with over the last 10 years. Not wishing to offend any other brilliant healers out there, I must point out that this list is by no means exhaustive or…

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Best creative self-care techniques


These 5 best creative self-care techniques will help you take control of your healing and happiness. You have a responsibility to love the ‘self’ you have been gifted with in this life time. Yet you live in a culture that profits from your self-doubt, insecuries and self-hatred. Therefore loving your…

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