Moon wisdom ritual for your inner goddess


Moon Wisdom Ritual. Three magic words. I use 5 full moon wisdom tools for personal growth during the waning moon. They help me evaluate my life in order to make personal and professional changes during the next moon cycle (28 days). The waning moon is a period of two weeks/14…

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Attract More Money Metaphysical Mini-Course

Are you a spiritual person? Do you feel you never seem to have enough money? Do you worry about money month to month? Do you feel despondent about your ability to attract more money into your life? This Free 5 Step Mini-Course came out of a client survey I did…

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Healing The Drama Triangle


The Drama Triangle theory is a fascinating insight into why we act the way we do. Psychiatrist and teacher of Transactional Analysis Stephen Karpman developed the fascinating idea of ‘The Drama Triangle’. The Drama Triangle is now known as one of the most common unconscious and dysfunctional patterns of relating (to…

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5 kick-ass changemaking charities


As I’m a geek I discovered half of these 5 kick-ass changemaking charities by accident watching documentaries on Netflix. Most of them stick up for animals, the environment and indigenous people who don’t have a voice. Their campaigning work inspires me so I donate monthly as a way of walking…

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