Free online tarot readings – do they work?


Computer generated insights are accurate. How so? I’ve found free online tarot and oracle card readings to be so effective. Especially when I want extra clarity on an issue that just pops up out of the blue. You know the kind of thing: a wobbly moment, a slight panicky feeling,…

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Grounding an Out of Body experience


One of the most common conditions I see in my sensitive clients is a lack of groundedness. If you are ungrounded you will feel more anxious, indecisive, depleted, spaced-out and easily affected by other people’s emotions/energy. You will lack concentration, forget things and be more accident prone. It reduces the…

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Meditation is simple – so why don’t I do it?


Why is a regular meditation practice so hard to keep up? I did 15 minutes meditation each day for a year and became so happy… that I stopped! Doh! If I had carried on that practice I would have been meditating every day for 7 years by now. When I…

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